3Hats is a one-source design service with experience in most every print and electronic design technology: logos, corporate identity, letterhead, business cards and brochure design.

Blue Moon Daughter Design for Seattle Jazz combo. Can be used for posters, CDs, showcards, etc.

Kona Chilis Product labeling and logo design for a food producer in Kona, Hawaii

Leisure Bean Coffee Roasters Product labeling and logo design for a coffee grower and roaster in Kona, Hawaii

CD Packages These are always fun to do. Very individualized packaging for music CD.

Business Cards Here are some example business card design. Small projects - but interaction with the client brings its own rewards.

Brochures We frequently support our web design clients with trade show banners, brochures and sales flyers. Here is one example of a two-sided flyer for a trade show.

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